Today, driving innovation is success, and success demands agility. With the increase in dependency on IT Virtualization has started to play a major role in Data Center Optimization. Virtualization acts as a foundation for an automated, agile infrastructure that provides large scale benefits such as improved utilization, reduced floor space requirement, reduced power costs, reduced cost of IT growth, allocate your resources, data and people more efficiently, and improve your IT organization's responsiveness.

Starting with Virtualizing the low intensity, less critical workloads, such as File & Print Servers, or Web Servers, but as customer confidence in virtualization grows, customers need to understand the impact of virtualization, from a performance, scalability and reliability perspective, on their more mission-critical, tier 1 and tier 2 applications and workloads, like email & collaboration systems, databases, and CRM systems.

Verity delivers highly available, high performing, scalable, robust services across your heterogeneous infrastructure using the most cost effective virtualization platform.

Virtualization Infrastructure

  • Server Virtualization

    It’s, no more a fact that traditional server-per-workload paradigm ties up valuable capital, drains operational resources and is typically underutilized. Verity Innovative techniques using the best server virtualization technologies can help you achieve efficiencies by reducing floor space and energy by consolidating multiple workloads onto fewer physical servers thus saving capital.
    • Reclaim valuable floor space and reduce server energy consumption and cooling requirements in the datacenter.
    • Better utilize new and existing server to conserve capital
    • Simplify maintenance and management Task
    • Improve reliability and availability to support higher service level
  • Storage Virtualization

    Demand for storage has definitely reduced the capital on storage devices but enterprises today are still lacking ability to effectively capture, store and utilize data.

    Verity innovative virtualization solutions can help you keep ahead of storage demand with a proactive and integrated approach to storage infrastructure management.
    • Support business agility by making storage provisioning fast, easy, and flexible
    • Improve productivity with reliable data access across the organization
    • Optimize physical media access for energy efficiency
    • Enable easy scalability to keep pace with data demands
    • Simplify storage infrastructure management, even to a single point of control
  • Application Infrastructure Virtualization

    Traditional infrastructures install application on a single, fixed capacity machines or machines, limiting flexibility and scalability

    Verity experience, innovative approach established best practices and a proven methodology for planning and implementing virtualization strategies for application deployment that moves your business towards a highly available, robust and dynamic infrastructure.
    • Increase availability, performance, and resilience of virtual infrastructure
    • Increase flexibility and agility by quickly allocating capacity to new workloads and scaling automatically to meet demand
    • Improve application performance and support higher service levels
  • Desktop Virtualization

    Today, security on end user access to application and files play a major role in enterprise IT Management.

    Desktop virtualization helps IT managers easily manage, secure and deploy technology and reduce costs

    Security-rich access to files and applications from a variety of user devices - tablets, laptops smart phones and more. Desktop virtualization can help you meet these demands with flexibility, choice and self-service for your employees.
    • Simplify desktop administration, support and management
    • Enhance security and compliance management and improve availability and reliability
    • Provide flexibility so users can work anytime, anywhere regardless of location or device
    • Better support growth initiatives for mobility and flexible work locations