Contract Management Services

  • Contract Review

    Companies in their usual course of business may have to sign contracts on daily basis with their customers, suppliers and vendors. It becomes a tedious and time consuming activity for the signatory to review each and every term contained in the agreement prior to execution. On the other hand attesting a contract without getting through with the terms and conditions might be a risky business and might lead to complications in future including litigation.

    We take care of Contract Reviewing activity for our Client thereby saving our Client’s time and energy and also insuring our Client against complications in future. Our team of expert legal counsels would review the terms and conditions of the proposed contract and would highlight the important as well as negative terms for your attention. You can even authorize us to negotiate the negative and conflicting terms on your behalf.

    For example if Company A (wherein Company A is our Client) and Company B are planning to enter into an agreement between themselves and Company B sends out a contract draft to Company A; we review the entire terms and conditions of the contract as proposed by Company B keeping in mind the best interest of Company A (being our Client). Post reviewing, we highlight all negative and conflicting terms to the attention of our Client (Company A) along with reasons that make such terms conflicting. If further authorized, we go ahead negotiating these conflicting terms with Company B on behalf of our Client (Company A).

  • Contract Drafting

    Companies have diverse requirements and needs which keep changing in according with their business requirements. Standard contract templates might not be sufficient in such scenarios and need for drafting fresh and complete contracts might come up. Our expert Attorney's would interact with your business team to draft any kind of contract to meet your current business needs. We take care of all possible issues while drafting a Contract, which would give you an edge over your competitors.

  • Contract Negotiation

    Contract Negotiation is a tedious and time consuming, yet unavoidable step in the process of contract execution. Every Company desires the legal terms to be in its own favour. Its at this stage that the service of contract negotiators are required. Our Contract Negotiators take care of this entire process for you. As per the requirement, we interact with third parties (with whom you are required to enter into contract) and obtain the most favourable contractual terms for you.

    For e.g., Company A (wherein Company A is our Client) and Company B desires to enter into a contract and Company B sends out their standard contract template for excution. We review the contract on behalf of Company A and mark down the un-favourable terms. As a second step, we negotiate such un-favourable terms with Company B. At the end of this entire exercise, Company A would have only favourable terms to sign.

  • Contract Summarization

    Companies in the usual course of business execute a large number of contracts. When time moves, and as the number increases, Companies find in their database large number of contracts which is not accounted for.

    An un-organised database would bring with it its own problems and issues, including issues, which crop up as a result of not knowing the exact contractual obligations. On the other hand, knowing the contract completely would give you an upper hand when dealing with your vendors, suppliers and customers.

    We summarize existing contracts and highlight important terms and conditions for action/information of our Client. This exercise also involves highlighting the unfavorable terms contained in the contract. Contract database creation exercise is also taken as part of contract summarization activity.

    We create contract database either on a separate server or on Client's internal SharePoint as required. This helps the client to easily search and find existing contracts.

  • Wellness Reviews

    We review existing contracts to understand if they are current and valid as per law and regulations in force. This review involves a study of the existing contracts vis-a-vis current law and current business needs of the client. Risks found in the contracts are highlighted to the Client and alternate ways are suggested. We suggest necessary amendments as required to make the existing contract more effective and useful for our Client.